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The Best 6 Ways To Start Online Earning With no Website!

You can start online earning without a website

ways to start online earning

Do you want to make money online with no website, sufficient experience or no initial investment to begin your online business?

Although you don’t have any website or a blog to get visitors and make conversions, yet you want to make money online.

You don’t need to cause to concern, as a lot of internet marketing alternatives for a website/blog that exist for you start your business.

You can start a legitimate online earning even without any investment.

In fact, there are many online marketing systems out there I shall say the most beneficial, is affiliate marketing.

The 6 Ways to start online earning with no website

1.Affiliate marketing :


It allows the internet marketers like you the opportunity to market others’ products online even if you do not have a website/blog.

All you have to do is to sign on with an affiliate marketing program.  What is an affiliate marketing program?  You will sell others’ products and you will get a commission for that.

You will select some affiliate programs and select some products on demand and you promote them online.  If any visitor goes to the particular website and purchase the product you promoted, the merchant will give you some commission.

Don’t think that the commission might be small, but there are many affiliate marketers earning 7 figure incomes monthly on this niche.

Getting an affiliate in an affiliate marketing program is often fast and easy.  In most of the affiliate marketing programs, sign up is free.

In spite of these flexible features, many beginners are skeptic about the affiliate marketing.  They are doubt full about the success.

There are many affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, Flipkart, JVzoo, CJ (Commission Junction) and many more.  These platforms give you affiliation even you don’t have a website.

Among the many reasons why most of the beginners continue hesitating is the lack of a website to start affiliate marketing.

There are plenty of alternatives for a website and one could start affiliate marketing and scale profits equally or even more than the affiliate marketers with a website.

In fact, many affiliate marketing strategies lead to success is possible without actually needing a website.

Among such strategies are email marketing, offline promotions, writing e-books, writing ezine (e-magazine) articles, engaging online discussions on forums and many others.

2.Email Marketing:


Email marketing, or keeping up email lists, is in reality the most popular affiliate marketing strategy in which the affiliate marketer need not have a website.

In this affiliate marketing strategy, you need to uphold a list of email ads of your potential customers and offer them content relevant to the affiliate products or services that you are promoting.

There are many email marketing platforms that support you right from the beginning and you can start your online earning.

Find the best email service provider (ESP) and check out for free trial period and join with them to start content sharing with your subscribers.

There is an advantage in email marketing.  You can directly address to your subscribers, share their pain points and offer solutions.  This would become a strong customer base and become potential customers to you.

You must not offer the content to your subscribers must not be promotional, if so it makes your subscriber annoy.  

How to run email marketing for your small business?

You need to educate them with your juicy content with affiliate links here and there.

3.Offline Promotion:


There are so many methods that you can promote your affiliate products offline.  One such medium is classified ads,  engaging Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

You can also use banner ads, affiliate links from the affiliate programs.  They can be displayed in social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

4.Writing Free E-books:


Whenever you have an authority on a particular topic like email marketing, blogging strategies, digital marketing strategies, affiliate marketing etc., you can create an e-book and just like email marketing you can your e-book to your potential customers. 

You can place banner ads and affiliate links in those e-books.

5.Writing Free Ezines:


Ezines are E-magazines.  There are many ezines online.  You can write articles to them.  These articles are filled with your affiliate links.

If you don’t have a website and yet want to be an affiliate, ezines are better platform to promote your products and services in your topics.

You can easily find readers in these e-magazines and they may make a purchase with your affiliate links.

If you use all these strategies, you need not have a website to start affiliate marketing.   

Starting affiliate marketing without a website is easy, but getting successful in affiliate marketing is another thing. 

Anyone can get success in affiliate marketing without a website is actually needs a lot of study and analysis.

It is very hard to achieve success without a website, as you need to study the product analysis, run email campaigns, ads, promotional publications on general websites like Quora,  Medium and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp etc.

In spite of the chances that you can become a successful affiliate marketer without a website, if not now, you need a website.

Owning a website for yourself, brings you trust among your potential customers, authority on your niche.  It brings many rewards in affiliate marketing. 

You can run free ads on your website instead of paying for other platforms.

You can promote your products entirely on your own and you will get your own traffic.



Dropshipping in India is a great cost-effective for a new entrepreneur. 

This is an e-commerce business.  Dropshipping allows the entrepreneur to sell others’ products online without having an inventory, shipping out risks and even without a website. 

It is a very low risk online earning model for a newbie.  The best part of dropshipping is that when you get an order, you will buy the product and ask the supplier to ship the product to the buyer. 

Here you will fix the rate with profit margins.   It is like a retail business.

This e-commerce business in India is growing with an annual rate of 51% making big opportunity online marketers.  Indian dropshippers are free to run their inventory and can do free market to the Indians who are outside India.

Can dropshipping be done without a website?

Yes, absolutely ! 

You can start dropshipping without a website.  

There are many dropshipping/e-commerce sites like shopify.com, bigcommerce.com, wix.com, volusion.com, woocommerce.com and many more.  

The best part of these e-commerce sites is that they give you free trial for 14 days, they give your own inventory on their platform with a nominal monthly charges and they give you 24/7 support to get sales.


Should you have a website to start online earning?  

Absolutely not! 

The world of online earning is open to all with plenty of opportunities.  If you have a website it becomes an added advantage in affiliate marketing.  You can scale up your business with a greater pace with a website than without a website.

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