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Welcome to DigiQuanto. This is Beerappa R Naik and I am glad that you have checked this page about me. I have been pursuing an MBA in Marketing and Finance. I am a Digital Marketing intern at Pixel Track Pvt Ltd.
For the past few years, I have been blogging a lot on wordpress.com. The content that I have created is mostly about the current trends, lifestyle, opinions about certain concepts, informative content, etc. I have also written poems in English, Kannada, and Sanskrit.
Based on the advice by my mentor Digital Deepak, I have decided to concentrate on a particular niche. Instead of creating content in different category, I have chosen Digital Marketing as my niche
The reason why I have chosen Digital Marketing is due to my interest in learning marketing. I began learning Digital Marketing in December 2019. The learning journey of mine has been very interesting. I have completed many certification courses from Udemy, Google, e-marketing institute, etc. 
This interest of mine for Digital Marketing has led me to choose Search Engine Optimization as the dissertation topic in my MBA curriculum. Recently, I have completed my dissertation and planning to get published my dissertation report as a research paper as soon as possible.
For time being, I have committed myself to create and post content on this blog related to SEO and Content Marketing. In the future, I have plans to publish content on Email Marketing and Big Data Analytics in this blog.

My Goal

My goal is to help out people in creating quality content that could be beneficial to readers.

My Passion

My passion is to become a popular writer in India and a reputed name in construction sector across Bengaluru. You can find a couple of my writings on my wordpress.com blog. Besides this, as a Civil Engineer, I have plans to set up a blog related to Civil Engineering and Construction. This blog would be covering aspects related to recent trends in the construction segment, green infrastructure, etc.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for updates.

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Beerappa R Naik

Reach me out at: digiquanto@gmail.com